Klondike:The Lost Expedition

Gameplay Tutorial

There are no right or wrong ways to play Klondike: only you decide what to do! You can take it slow and travel through the lands of Klondike by sled, constantly training your dogs and upgrading sleds, or get a plane and fly around distant lands.

Klondike gameplay consists of 2 basic elements:

· Farming and town-building at your home station;
· Travelling to other locations and their exploration.

Before you set out on real adventures, you’ll need to stay in the village preparing for the harsh winter and equipping your expedition.

The main activities are:

· clear the bushes, trees and stones for space, resources and treasures;
· plow the land in the garden and plant and harvest all kinds of crops and veggies;
· raise animals and then collect the output from them;
· build houses to accommodate workers (other players, your neighbors);
· construct factories to produce diverse goods;
· visit your neighbors for more resources and their Gold Veins;
· trade with your friends (exchange the resources and materials you have for something you crave for).

Farming goes along with thrilling quests that will guide and entertain you. The quests will also tell you the touching story of a young man seeking to find his lost father and the adventures he encounters on this search.

Expedition Locations

There are two types of expedition locations in Klondike: permanent stations and timed lands.

Timed lands are available for a period of time after they are released. They have certain tasks that you can complete to get the main prize.

These lands provide you with resources for your game.

Permanent locations are a part of Klondike map and they tell the main story. They have a multitude of quests filled with twists and secrets that are sure to entertain.

Each permanent land has a special building where you can trade with the locals and craft unique items to advance your game.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition has an in-game help section (Support), where you can find all information concerning Klondike game tips and walk-throughs.