Klondike:The Lost Expedition

Settlement FAQ

A settlement is a land that you can visit and make use of its key building (storage and barter).

However, you cannot clear this type of land, cut its grass or trees. A settlement does not have any quests to offer and looks the same in all players’ games.

Besides, all settlements have a wonderful design and look really beautiful!

So, before you can turn an expedition location into a settlement, you will have to complete all the quests at that station, including the station’s goal/mission.

Once all the station’s quests are completed, inside the key building you can click the Settlement tab with a Create button.

We would strongly advise you to clear a station completely before you turn it into a settlement, as once you transform the land, all its objects will disappear and turn into decorations that you can’t cut.

We would also like to remind you, that you cannot have more than 15 open permanent lands simultaneously.

Once you reach this limit, you will get a message, offering you to turn one of your expedition locations into a settlement.