Klondike:The Lost Expedition

Lake Valley and Old Park – Festive temporary lands near your Station

Festive temporary lands near your Station. The second part of a two-part update.

Will disappear on July 10, 23:59 PDT whether you have made your first trip or not.

The storage is available from the start, so don’t worry about losing things.

Lake Valley must be done first after you follow the quests, you will get to access Old Park. The lands are connected with quests and a story-line, so please be attentive! ?
Lake Valley has 1 major goal: Cut out all 22 Wildflowers in Lake Valley.
Old Park has 1 major goal: Find all 9 Mustangs and feed them with Marrows.

Both lands have Rosebushes to build your special buildings and Boxes with Festival Tickets!
You will get another special building for clearing 30% of Lake Valley (you can have 3 special buildings total!!!)
THERE IS A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE >> the icon in the left side of your screen (under special gifts).
Please follow the quests, they will guide you!

Decorate all Southern Spruces with Colorful Ribbons (that are made in the Workshop near the gates).

After you build the picnic spot, you can click on it and access nice Energy crafts.

Gunpowder can be found ONLY after you find Q’orianka 3 times. You will find 2 boxes, click on them and get the Gunpowder to launch the fireworks.

Clear 30% of Lake Valley to get another special building (that you build with Rosebuds!).
Clear 100% of Lake Valley and get the Picnic multibox with Energy!

Old Park can be accessed via the old bridge. You can go back to Lake Valley via the very same bridge, just click on it and you’ll go back.
Old Park has its own Storage, you’ll need to load stuff there from your Sled directly.

After you talk with Dull Echo, you will see a sign near the main gates: click on it and you will see a map of all the treasures located in Old Park. ?

Clear 100% of Old Park and get a unique BALD EAGLE SPINNER that will bring you useful gifts daily!