Klondike:The Lost Expedition

Farming Competition

The Merchant Airship has arrived at you Home Station (over the river right next to the tunnel)! It will leave on July 17th, 23:59 PDT.

The airship has 4 slots for orders: after you complete an order, you get another one.

You get a new order 5 minutes after you complete the previous one.

All orders except the first four can be skipped for 10 Energy, however, the waiting time for the next order will be increased to 25 minutes.

You get FARMING TOKENS for completing orders.

The Competition

The competition is accessible via the icon in the hud (under your free gifts).

1 Token = 1 point in the Farming Competition. Add the tokens via the competition icon.

The number of POINTS for items added will establish your place in the competition ranking!

You get a gift for every 500 points added and your points count towards your competition results.

Each player will get a special prize for participating!