Klondike:The Lost Expedition

Coins FAQ

You can sell your yellow gold for cash. There are a few quests that require certain kinds of gold chunks, so make sure to keep some in Storage.

Please keep in mind, that the big exception to this is White Gold and Trigold Gold Nuggets. These are rare and need to be used for some game tasks!

1) Make sure to check your Station for exposed hides and open them, check your Station for golden animal statues.

2) Once you unlock the large hotbeds, plant Cucumbers and sell them for coins and slowly buy more hotbeds. Cucumbers purchase for 255 coins and sell for 663. This also works well to get you the coins for Greenhouses necessary to plant higher level seeds.

3) If your level is high enough, you have some kind of source of Water, and 50-70 thousand coins in your savings, start planting fruit trees. It costs 50,000 coins to buy a Pear Tree and 70,000 coins for a Cherry Tree. They have a grow time of 12 hours and produce 1 fruit each. Pears sell for 3,000 each and Cherries sell for 5,000 each. It uses 2 Water per tree when watering them, so you go through water very quickly. Trees can also net you worms, getting you valuable trading currency or items to raise your birds.

4) Selling eggs is one of the most common ways of making money in Klondike. Turkey egg containers sell for 20,000 coins each, making them an easy way to make coins. Goose egg containers sell for 10,000 coins each. These are an easy way for even low-level players to make coins as they are accessible fairly quickly.

Ostrich Egg Baskets are typically the way to go for quick and easy cash fundraising. Each Egg Basket sells for 80,000 coins and can be made in Polar Side.

5) Except for the Goddess and the Hand, all of the statues and antiques are needed to make other items in the game. So hold onto them! Your Goddesses can be sold for 17,000 each and the Hands can be sold for 16,000 each. Keep about ten of each on hand just in case they are used in the game in the future but sell off the rest.

6) Exchange the Indigo Set (can be obtained for raising peacocks) for large amounts of coins.

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